About DEC

For more than a decade, UK education consultancy and social enterprise Class Of Your Own (COYO) has inspired children to experience the digital Built Environment and Infrastructure through the ‘Design Engineer Construct!’ (DEC) Learning Programme.

Children and young people are provided with a unique opportunity to develop the knowledge, competencies, behaviours and skills fundamental to successful careers in architecture, engineering and construction.

Digital skills for life
Students advance their digital skills throughout the learning programme, including the use of modelling and analysis tools using industry standard software for building and infrastructure design.

People and planet first
Aligning with Sustainable Development Goals, the themes of social, environmental and economic sustainability run throughout the programme.

Learners discover how to minimise their own, and their community’s, impact on the planet through role play and project-based learning. They understand the value of inclusivity and diversity, designing for a world where everyone matters.

  • Teacher training and CPD

  • STEM/STEAM and digital
    project-based learning

  • Dedicated learning platform
  • Supported by industry and universities
  • Virtual and office-based work experience

  • Formal qualification routes

  • Excellent career pathways

Design Engineer Construct!
The Digital Built Environment

Our flagship DEC programme is a building design focused, learning programme for students age 11-18 years.

It comprises three levels, each leading to regulated qualifications, from Foundation Level 1 to Intermediate Level 2 and Advanced Level 3 (which attracts UCAS points for university and degree apprenticeships).

DEC inspires and raises the aspirations of young people to consider Construction and the Built Environment as a valuable career path. All learners discover real-world applications of science, technology, engineering and maths and can access a whole range of exciting professional career pathways through our strong industry and academic links.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

Class Of Your Own is proud to partner with Training Qualifications UK – the ONLY Awarding Organisation licensed to deliver official DEC qualifications

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Design Engineer Construct!
Future Infrastructure

Developed from COYO’s exciting collaboration with Bentley Systems and Virgin Hyperloop, this advanced programme is aimed at post 16 students and focuses on major economic and social infrastructure projects around the world.

Future Infrastructure paves the way for further study and employment by enabling learners to harness ever-changing technology advancements across a range of infrastructure contexts including automated transportation and smart buildings and cities.

Students investigate a range of compelling topics, such as cyber security, digital twin concepts and the impact of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on Infrastructure in the near future.

DEC IMPACT at one school

St Ambrose Barlow RC High School Manchester, UK

Teaching Design Engineer Construct!

Design Engineer Construct! was originally created with the support of teachers, learners, academics and industry professionals – it continues to evolve with that same support.

DEC goes way beyond simply providing a route to academic success. It connects knowledge and understanding, skills and behaviours, resilience and empathy. It gives young people a sense of purpose to improve their planet and people lives.

Our teachers have more experience than they realise!

Most of our teachers teach STEM subjects, but begin with little knowledge of the Built Environment as an industry. DEC takes them on a journey that immerses them in the familiar world where they already live, work and play, so they begin to see it from a DEC perspective.


​From home to school, the supermarket, the leisure centre and the roads that connect them, the drains that take away the waste…

DEC reveals the complex systems that make up our modern digital world, providing exceptional opportunities to combine creativity with the theoretical, the technical and the technological.

Support for our DEC Teachers

  • Access to a network of experienced DEC teachers (and their students!)

  • Bespoke ‘DEC Central’ online learning and teaching platform

  • Professional face-to-face training in DEC delivery and digital technology solutions

  • Access to industry professionals to support classroom learning and teaching

  • Mentoring, workshops and CPD programmes

  • Industry work placements for teachers

  • Dedicated Awarding Organisation support through our partners TQUK

DEC Centres of Excellence

DEC Centre Of Excellence Teacher and Student

Thanks to the vision of forward thinking leaders and the commitment and passion of experienced DEC teachers, Class Of Your Own has co-created a network of exemplary DEC schools that provide invaluable support to those new to the DEC Learning Programme.

A DEC Centre of Excellence actively demonstrates the opportunity that is DEC, both to fellow educators and industry, across all levels.

DEC Centre of Excellence teachers can:

  • Successfully facilitate and deliver DEC with measurable outcomes, including TQUK qualification results*, learner engagement and sector related progression data

  • Build and sustain effective sector-related partnerships that impact directly on DEC learning

  • Contribute to DEC-related events and activities, led or organised by Class Of Your Own

  • Actively promote and celebrate learning that leads onto professional and technical career pathways in the Built Environment

*A DEC Centre of Excellence delivers at least two levels of the official TQUK Design Engineer Construct! Digital Built Environment qualifications – see https://www.tquk.org/design-engineer-construct/

DEC National Training Centres

DEC National Training Centre Trainer and Teachers

Our training centres are established Centres of Excellence that are equipped to support the professional development of teachers, trainers and industry partners to ensure high quality subject delivery throughout all levels of the Design Engineer Construct! (DEC) Learning Programme.

DEC trainers can:

  • Build and sustain networks of excellent DEC practice across schools, colleges and other delivery centres

  • Develop and share resources that enhance DEC learning and related opportunities for teachers and learners

  • Engage with industry professionals to build and develop their own education-related skills and competencies

  • Recognise the importance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in industry and actively support partners to fulfil them

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