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Enable advanced learners (16-adult) to harness ever-changing technology advancements across a range of infrastructure contexts, including Hyperloop, Highways, Rail, Ports, Energy, Airports and SMART Cities.

Explore the Future of Construction

Focusing on major economic and social infrastructure projects, ‘Design Engineer Construct! Future Infrastructure’ is a post-16, student-led programme of study.

Students investigate a range of compelling topics such as cyber security in the management of digital assets, assessment and interpretation of digital twin concepts, the use of point cloud data to produce reality captured models and the impact of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence on Infrastructure in the future.

They will develop a range of project administration skills including the preparation, co-ordination and communication of data and technical information.

They will apply relevant statutory regulatory and quality standards to complex scenarios, while recognising and addressing the impact a major project will have on the local and global environment.

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  • An independent research-based programme of study for the next generation of AEC professionals

  • Digital Intelligence and Innovative Solutions

  • Socio-Economic Impact

  • Environmental and Resilience Planning

  • Use of Advanced Technologies

  • Digital Asset Management

  • Leadership Skills Development

Endorsed by professional bodies and global leaders in infrastructure, including:

Where it all began

In 2018, Class Of Your Own asked teachers to nominate sixth form DEC students to take part in an extraordinary challenge – to design a Hyperloop station in their own cities with routes to London or Edinburgh.

Teams had to determine site locations and anticipated passenger numbers, investigate the social, environmental and economic impact of such a project and explore ideas to create the most sustainable and inclusive design.

As usual, DEC Students did not disappoint! In April 2019, four teams were invited to the offices of Bentley Systems, London, to present their designs to leading infrastructure experts.

This initial study enabled COYO to explore the limit to which young people could extend their learning and focus on very real solutions to major project challenges. DEC Future Infrastructure Programme was born.

Where are they now?
From the original group of 16 students, 9 are now working through a degree apprenticeship or full time degree in a range of Built Environment pathways including Architecture, Architectural Technology, Civil Engineering and Environmental Management. Remaining students are advancing their passions in other disciplines, armed with a range of exceptional life skills derived from the programme.

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Discover how your students can access this extraordinary programme of study.
Contact our team at support@classofyourown.com