Over the years, Class Of Your Own (COYO) has partnered with the best in education and industry to spark children and young people’s interest in the Built Environment by focusing on themes that impact everyday lives.

This year, a global event is happening in the UK that provides an extraordinary opportunity to focus on a theme that impacts the entire planet.

From the 1st – 12th November 2021, the UK will host the 26th United Nations Climate Change ‘Conference of the Parties’ in partnership with Italy. ‘COP26’ is described as the most significant climate event since the 2015 Paris Agreement when world leaders will meet in Glasgow to report on their progress to reduce carbon emissions to “net zero”.

We all know that young people care deeply about the future of their planet.

Even little children know when they care for living things, they grow and flourish. They learn by doing and understand cause and effect. COP26 offers a chance for children and young people to believe that adults care too and are doing everything they can to protect their world by acting on the guidance of great scientists.

Climate change. Carbon Emissions. Net Zero. Global Warming. Environmental Degradation. Species Extinction. 

These headline grabbing issues can be overwhelming for the Earth’s younger custodians. They express fear, anger and frustration at the apparent lack of progress of world leaders in the face of scientific evidence.

But for many, the science can be complex to understand, especially when contradicted by those who don’t believe in it.

Make STEAM cool

Class Of Your Own is working with ‘After the Pandemic’, a Glasgow-born initiative, to offer children an opportunity to explore and engage in climate science in their own creative way. 

With the support of land-owner and property developer Dandara Living, “After the Pandemic” is transforming 3000sqm of land in the heart of Glasgow into a cultural and creative park in the run up to and during COP26. The park will play host to pavilions, exhibitions and events which respond directly to the climate emergency by putting Glasgow’s people and communities at the heart of the discussion.

Design The COP

This year’s Class Of Your Own Challenge is to “Design The COP”, the “Centre for Our Planet” for children and young people, where they can explore climate-related Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. 

Sited in the “After the Pandemic” park, The COP will be Glasgow’s most sustainable, energy-efficient building. Integrating smart sensor technology, it will monitor itself and the local environment. A wide range of activities will be offered to enable children and young people of all ages to develop knowledge and skills to become Planet Earth ambassadors.

After the Pandemic curator and project manager, Graham Hogg, said:

We are very excited to be working alongside COYO, giving young people a chance to respond to the biggest challenges we face as a global community.

We hope their designs will highlight the need to provide education and learning spaces which respond to the climate emergency, during a time when the world’s eyes will be on Glasgow. We want to ensure the voice of young people is heard and at the very heart of that.


COYO’s collaboration with After the Pandemic aims to focus hearts and minds on a global challenge that affects us all.

The challenge will enable children to explore and engage in climate science in their own creative way, through the design of their own exciting building.

The COYO Challenge 2021 runs from March 15th – September 30th and is open to children and young people age 11-18 years old.

School can register for the challenge by visiting https://designengineerconstruct.com/designthecop/


Universities and organisations are encouraged to support local schools – please contact support@classofyourown.com for further information. 



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