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COYO Challenge 2021

Design ‘The COP’

An Education Centre for Our Planet



Climate change is serious –
it demands significant changes to the way we live.

How much do you know about it?

If it’s not much, you’re not alone. Statistics say very few young people know what’s going on.

Maybe it’s not delivered in a way that’s interesting or digestible.

Maybe the science goes over your head.

Maybe the focus on Covid and Brexit, having to stay at home, not being able to see your school friends and do normal things, makes you switch off.

Or, maybe you do know about it, but think one person can’t do anything to change the world.

Maybe you, and other young people like you, need a cool education centre that focuses on the future of our planet.



In November 2021, the UK will host the 26th United Nations Climate Change ‘Conference of the Parties’ (COP26) at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) in Glasgow, Scotland.

Thousands of people from all over the world, including heads of state, climate experts, scientists and campaigners, will come together to agree how the world can tackle climate change and achieve net zero.

Where do you, and other young people, go to get in on the action?



We want you to design The COP – an exciting educational building where young people can explore the STEAM of Climate Change.

A place for young people to highlight and drive the youth response to the global climate emergency.

It will be Glasgow’s most sustainable, energy-efficient building – integrating smart sensor technology to monitor itself and the local environment.

Multi-functional, it will offer a wide range of activities, enabling children and young people of all ages to develop knowledge and skills as ambassadors and custodians of Planet Earth.

The COP will provide creative ways for young people to focus on the key scientific themes discussed at COP26: Clean Transport, Nature Solution, Adaptation & Resilience and Energy Transition.

COP26 themes icons


  • Professional Report
  • Digital concept model, plans and elevations

  • Physical scale model (optional)


The COYO ‘Design The COP‘ Challenge is open to all schools
from 15th March to 15th October 2021

Age Category 1:
Year 7-9 (England & Wales)
Year 8-10 (N. Ireland)
S1-3 (Scotland)
Grade 6 – 8 (International)

Age Category 2:
Year 10-11 (England & Wales)
Year 11-12 (N. Ireland)
S4-5 (Scotland)
Grade 9 – 10 (International)

Age Category 3:
Year 12-13 (England & Wales)
Year 13-14 (N. Ireland)
S5-6 (Scotland)
Grade 11-12 (International)


Students will explore and carry out on a range of professional roles as they develop and deliver their ideas for The COP.

Each school team should comprise a maximum of 10 students with team members undertaking particular responsibilities. We’ve found that some prefer smaller teams with each team member adopting a number of responsibilities.

Whatever they choose, and however small or large the team, students will develop exceptional team working skills, from creative thinking and conflict resolution to communication and organisation skills.

15th March – COYO Challenge 2021 registration opens.
Your teams can start designing!

15th October – COYO Challenge 2021 closes.
Teams must submit their entries by this date.

9th November – COYO Challenge Judging Panel meets at 2pm.
Judges choose a winner in each age category.

9th November – COYO Challenge 2021 winners announced at 5pm.
Time to celebrate!

At Class Of Your Own, we believe in prizes that money can’t buy.

Thanks to the support of exceptional partners, leaders of design, engineering, construction and technology, we have created some extraordinary experiences for winners year-on-year.

Experiences that provide young people with opportunities to advance their interest in the Built Environment, with a CV and set of references they can be proud of!

So we are thrilled to announce RIBA Sterling Prize winner and Design The COP judge, Professor Stephen Hodder MBE will be hosting a DESIGN MASTERCLASS for the overall winning team followed by a TECHNOLOGY MASTERCLASS with experts from Bentley Systems. There’s Topcon Positioning Systems MEASUREMENT EQUIPMENT and goody bags for all winning schools…and more!

Please email your completed entry to and add ‘Our Design The COP Entry’ to the subject line.

Do feel free to use a file sharing service (Dropbox, Sharepoint etc).

Don’t forget, send your entries by 12pm on 15th October 2021.

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