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The Survey Association (TSA), the trade body for the UK’s commercial survey companies, has named Alison Watson, director of the education company Class of Your Own (COYO), the winner of TSA’s President’s Award 2013.

Graham Mills, President of TSA and Chairman of Technics Group said that Alison had made an outstanding contribution to the industry through the creation and delivery of challenging school projects that were igniting young minds about the building process.

Graham Mills commented,

“It is essential in a very technical world – and for the future recruitment needs of our member companies – that we encourage more young people to follow careers in surveying, engineering, design and construction.

“Strategic partnerships established by COYO give young people industry support to be decision-makers and problem solvers on real building projects. Using the professional’s tools and software and with BIM part of their vocabulary, the next generation is being inspired to enter the construction industry.”

Alison Watson, a former land surveyor, established Class of Your Own with architect Dan Gibson in 2009 and is the creator of the innovative Design, Engineer Construct! curriculum.

COYO projects have given upper primary and secondary school students from the Scottish Highlands to London the opportunity to be the planners, surveyors, designers, engineers and project managers on their own sustainable building projects and to understand how maths, science and technology have practical applications in the real world.

On receiving her award, Alison commented,

“I am honoured that an organisation synonymous with best practice in the surveying industry has given Class of Your Own this recognition.  It is encouraging to think that TSA members could be employing our students in years to come.”

Sponsored by Lockton, the President’s Award includes a £100 donation to a chosen charity. At Alison’s request, the cash will benefit The Young Oncology Unit at Christies Hospital Withington, Manchester and is given in memory of Ryan Dover who died in November 2012 after a 2- year battle with cancer.

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The Survey Association. The Survey Association, known generally as TSA, is the trade body for commercial survey companies in the UK. The association was formed in 1979 to give a focus for private sector businesses in land and hydrographic survey.

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