In April 2014 G&T sponsored Heathcote School & Science College in Chingford to add the Design, Engineer, Construct!’ GCSE and A-Level to its curriculum.

The intention was for G&T employees to be directly involved in mentoring teachers and hosting students. After almost two years of hard work the Class of Your Own ‘Adopt a School’ programme is approaching its conclusion as the students head towards their final exams.

Last week the students delivered their coursework presentations which contribute to their final overall results. G&T Senior Associate and Adopt a School coordinator Claire McDonnell was one of several G&T mentors at the event. Read on to find out more G about the day and what it meant to G&T to be part of such a rewarding programme.

Heathcote School DEC! Presenation

Adopt a School’ was set up by social business Class of Your Own and was launched back in 2014 to RICS members in order to address the Government’s industrial strategy, part of which was to inspire young people to look to construction for a rewarding career. G&T has a legacy of supporting projects and causes which create positive social impact.

The intention was for G&T employees to be directly involved, mentoring teachers and hosting students by integrating the scheme into the firm’s own development and management programmes. In particular the scheme links to the Change the Skyline schools initiative, which aims to attract youngsters into the profession. Through employees such as Claire McDonnell this was achieved with a brilliant result for both the students and the firm.

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Claire attended the coursework presentations given by the students. As one of several G&T representatives Claire spoke about her experience being the coordinator and mentor of the scheme and the difference in the students’ development across the two years:

‘The day was a revelation. In a period of 18 months the students have gone from knowing nothing about the construction industry to designing their own building!
They were using technical terminology in their presentations such as Revit models, rights of light, TPOs, cost plans, GIA and other terms that we use every day.
I am amazed how quickly they picked everything up and how much they’ve developed over the last two years. Their presentations were professional and confident in their delivery.’

Heathcote School DEC! Students 2016

Heathcote School & Science College – DEC Students 2016

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