Here at COYO, preparing young people for working life has always been of the utmost importance. By the time they’re 16 years old, DEC students have a breadth of knowledge required by aspiring young professionals and also have developed a range of skills, behaviours and competencies that prepares them for a digital industry. 

They naturally focus on people and the planet, designing for a world where everyone matters and are well aware of the positive impact a great building design can have on a local community. 

Combine this positive impact with the major benefits that infrastructure can bring to communities in different towns, cities and indeed countries, and you can transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

After ten years repositioning the Built Environment as a top career destination for young people, we’re very proud to announce ‘DEC For The World’s Infrastructure’ with Bentley Systems – a new, dynamic curriculum for young people that allows them to design their own sustainable solutions for the global challenges of the future.

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