Here at Class Of Your Own, we’re big believers in the value of applied mathematics. Young people often ask “When will I use this formula or equation?”, and it’s often hard to explain in the context of the world of work.

The ‘DEC Maths Explained’ guide aims to support teachers in helping their students to understand and apply the mathematics involved in the Design Engineer Construct! Learning Programme, mapped to the Level 1 syllabus.

DEC is relevant, challenging, engaging, rewarding and definitely lots of fun. It offers a great way of making maths purposeful and accessible to a wide range of students. DEC gives all students the chance to develop a love of maths, by discovering it’s all around every room, building and bridge that they design, engineer and construct.


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Drummond Community High School

Super smashing teachers, Mr Holden (DEC) and Mr Steele (Maths) of Drummond High School in Edinburgh, have done a fantastic job in mapping the Maths of DEC and helping us to produce this guide. Gentlemen, on behalf of Class Of Your Own and DEC teachers everywhere, a HUGE thank you for your brilliant efforts.


Sincere and grateful thanks to Topcon GB Limited, our friends and long time supporters of the Design Engineer Construct! Learning Programme, who kindly sponsored this excellent teaching resource.

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