This year’s COYO Challenge to design the ESTEEM PAVILION has been extraordinary to say the least.

Launched early Spring 2020 with the fantastic support of Team Esteem at Heriot-Watt University, Topcon Positioning GB, Bentley Systems and the Emirates Green Building Council, dozens of schools signed up to take part.

Then BOOM! A pandemic – and the world went into lockdown.

You might think that everything extracurricular would be suspended. WRONG. Children and young people from 300 schools took part over the Summer months and for many, it was the first time they ever experienced anything remotely Built Environment – no pun intended!

And so <drum roll> after intense deliberation from Team Esteem judges, we are thrilled to announce two winners and two highly commended finalists…with comments from Team Esteem who expressed “genuine joy from the quality of the work produced!”


Hannah Dixon, Guilsborough Academy

“Some absolutely amazing information coupled with the best elevations and Sims models, work on par and exceeding what we have managed to make!”

Highly Commended
Toby Hope, Kingdown School

“With really vibrant background colours and an impressive model using cardboard, understanding the experience and reflecting on the project shows the effort undertaken!”


John Port Spencer Academy

“So much research has been undertaken here, it has hard to know where to begin! Having not only looked into designing a building for arid environments, the team also looked at structural planning and multiple design iterations. With integrated videos and explanations for all design choices, an absolutely stand out report!”

Highly Commended
Prince of Wales Island International School, Penang, Malaysia

“The detail and thought taken is extraordinary, whether it is understanding air buoyancy with hot air escaping through the top of the building causing air movement, or the genuinely impressive internal renders and cross sections, a stellar job all around!”

A prize for the Future of Construction

Winners can look forward to a VIP visit to Heriot-Watt University in the Summer term* to meet Team Esteem students who will help develop their pavilion to an advanced level, providing them with ‘insider knowledge’ of their own solar house design that has won them a place in the Solar Decathlon finals in Dubai. 

They will be assisted by Bentley Systems specialists to use cutting-edge technology to model and analyse their designs, plus Hollywood style tools to render, animate and simulate what their buildings will look like when they are ‘built’ on-site in Dubai. 

Topcon Positioning GB experts will provide winners with a geospatial master class using the latest digital surveying equipment.

All in all a modern Built Environment experience they will never forget.

A huge WELL DONE to everyone who took part! 

*subject to local Covid restrictions 

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