This year, to celebrate COYO’s tenth anniversary, we began our search for our ‘Teacher of the DECade’.

We wanted to champion the impact a great teacher has on young DEC learners across the UK and beyond; a teacher who has inspired their students to aspire to a career in what we consider to be the greatest industry in the world. 

Well, we’ve had some really terrific entries and it’s been so rewarding to read about their efforts and ambitions. It’s been SO DIFFICULT to choose a teacher that represents all that is great about DEC and education for a modern, Digital Built Environment.  

But choose, we had to, and we’re delighted to announce the Teacher of the DECade is…

Samantha Morcumb of Atrium Studio, Ashburton in Devon.

Samantha’s entry had the WOW factor, demonstrating a broad range of skills, competencies and aptitudes. She epitomises what an extraordinary teacher a DEC teacher is!

Through her efforts, DEC has secured outstanding academic results for her students. She has demonstrated a clear overview of the core DEC curriculum in years 9-13 with ambitious projects – and smaller-scale ones, all contributing to learners producing industry standard work.

Higher Education liaison, industry links, use of former DEC alumni, community initiatives, work experience and engagement with primary schools, all feature in her delivery. Her case studies of learners are very interesting; Sam covers the whole range of students in terms of ability and background. Sam clearly demonstrates that she is an energetic, indefatigable DEC teacher who not only coordinates an impressive programme of study for her students but also promotes social mobility. Students are at the centre of her philosophy, and her determination to meet the needs of every learner, so that they can achieve the very best, is palpable.

Philipp Mueller, Program Manager, Autodesk Education Experiences says:

Autodesk is a proud supporter of Class Of Your Own (COYO) and the Design Engineer Construct! (DEC) learning programme. I have been delighted and amazed by the enthusiasm with which teachers of DEC have taken up the challenge to embed modern, digital processes into their teaching and learning, thanks to this extraordinary curriculum.

The entries for the Teacher of the DECade competition to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Class Of Your Own have proved that teachers who engage in DEC programmes are inspirational, committed and have real vision for their students’ futures.

The amazing young people taught in DEC classrooms are delivering projects that reflect genuine industry standard practice and producing very impressive outcomes. However, I am particularly delighted to support the announcement of Samantha Morcumb as Teacher of the DECade.” Well done Sam! You are the Teacher of the DECade!

Everyone at Class Of Your Own, would like to add their huge congratulations to Sam Morcumb and thank you to all our fabulous teachers who took the time to complete an entry – we’re proud to know each and every one of you!

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