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Two members of the PFBC staff, Education Manager Edith Platten and Design Team Member Michael Romero were judges for the Class Of Your Own 2011 Competition to design a new eco-friendly house for HRH Prince William and his bride-to-be Kate Middleton.

Students from Accrington Academy’s Roots Eco Classroom participated in the competition, learning useful skills about the process of house design and construction.

The design project was based on a spoof newspaper article which wrote that Prince William was looking to relocate to East Lancashire because he wanted his children to attend Accrington Academy and that his new home must be created in an eco-friendly way to continue his father’s passion for the environment.

The article wrote, “a local search is now underway to find the team who share their environmental and community values with a talented eye for craftsmanship.”

The students teamed up with local contractors to create sketch schemes for the royal couple’s new home. The challenge was in the combination of incorporating sustainability while still respecting heritage and traditional building.

The winning group of students named ‘Porcullis’ submitted a design with “very good sustainable elements like lambs’ wool insulation and rainwater harvesting” as well as having a “very good point about ‘growing their own’ to reduce trips to the shop (and setting an example)”.

Not only did the winning design stay true to the sustainable values, but it included a unique royal loo in the design too!

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