Meet Ronald, our very friendly 13 year old Parabongo question master!
Ronald lives with his Mum Florence and Dad Timor (who is a farmer) his two brothers and one sister. He did have three other brothers and a sister, but they died before they ever got the chance to go to school.

Ronald at his home in Parabongo
Ronald at his home in Parabongo – Top-left: Ronald with his Mum and brother; Top-right: Ronald in his bedroom; Bottom: Ronald’s garden
Thanks to a fantastic sponsor in the UK, Ronald was able to pass his primary school exam is now at secondary school in Kampala.
Ronald is very bright – he speaks, reads and writes English and when he grows up he wants to go to university to study agriculture so that he can return to his village and serve his community.
Bottom-left: Ronald’s kitchen; Bottom-right: Ronald’s toilet
Ronald’s determination to go to school has inspired and motivated the whole community. They see that, with effort and drive, you can make things happen to change your own fortune.

Ronald sharing his poem about hunger

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