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A Home for Everyone Design Challenge

A Home for Everyone design challenge

Could you design a house for anyone?

Together with the CIC and the Office for Disability Issues, we are inviting budding design, engineering and construction professionals to design a home for EVERYONE.

This is a unique opportunity, open to all UK primary schools, secondary schools and first year undergraduates. Working as a team, your students will use their creativity and ingenuity to create the ideal inclusive house.

We’ll be with you and your students every step of the way… with support from architecture, engineering and construction professionals.

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The challenge:

There’s been lots in the news recently about a UK house shortage. Designers, engineers and construction professionals are working together to create the ideal inclusive house – a house that, no matter who you are, or what your individual needs are, provides a home that is fit for purpose throughout your, and its, lifetime.

Think about the range of people who live in your community, those who live on your street and in your town.

You’ll find the very young and very old, those who are fit and those who are not, those who are disabled, those who are not and a whole range of people who face different challenges in their everyday lives.

Your challenge is to design a house that is safe, comfortable, accessible and secure, that truly supports health and well being; a house that is truly a home.

How to Enter

The ‘Design a Home for Everyone’ design challenge is open to the following students in the UK:

  • Primary school (4-11)
  • Secondary school (age 11-16)
  • Sixth form, colleges and first year undergraduates* (16-18+)

Each school should enter just one team of up to 10 members.

*Must be in first year of university degree course

Registration is open - sign up now


Site plans: garden, house & drive*
Floor plans: house*
Elevation drawings: house*
Report PDF: 6 x A4 pages maximum

Submitting your Entry

Entries can be submitted via Dropbox – for access please contact

*Use a suitable scale
and submit in PDF FORMAT


Hand-drawn or digital - the choice is yours

If you’re good with pens and pencils, get creative on paper.

If you prefer a digital approach, you can use any drawing/modelling software to present your designs. Just make sure you can submit them in PDF format.

Plan carefully

It may help you to use graph paper for your plans.

Keep an eye on scale

When doing your plans and drawings, think about an appropriate scale for the size of paper you are using. A friendly design technology and/or maths teacher can help here!

Get a professional helping hand

Get in touch with local built environment professionals in architecture, landscape, surveying and engineering; local house builders can help too.

Get talking about inclusion

Get your team together for a discussion about what “inclusive design” means for ANYONE and EVERYONE in your community. Use the links in the Student Brief to help you.

Check you've met the criteria
  • The house must have three bedrooms
  • It must be on a plot of land that is 16m x 35m*
  • It must include a suitable** drive
  • It must include a garden
  • How could technology improve people’s lives?
Clear up any queries

If there is anything you are not sure about, all you need to do is get in touch

Ask us a question >>

Frequently asked questions

We’ve had a few questions from students.

If you have a burning question, it might already be answered here…

Q. Can we develop as many floors as possible?

A. It has to fit on the plot. That’s it.

Q. Do we need to provide a master plan of the site or just focus on one house?

A. You have to provide a site plan to include garden, house and drive. Think bird’s eye view.

Q. Does the drive need to have 1-2 car access?

A. Your call. It simply has to fit on the plot. 

Q. Does the garden have a minimum footprint?

A. Your call. The house, drive and garden must fit on the site.

Q. Is there a limit on amount of tech that can be included?

A. There is no limit.

Q. Is there a budget to work towards?

A. There is no set budget – but we would expect you to be sensible. A “Home for Everyone” is unlikely to be found on Millionaires Row.

Q. Do we need to have a selected location?

A. No.

Do we need to allow a space for live in carers?

A. Your call – the case study refers to an example (Alysha) that you might consider.

Do we need to include Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) plans?

A. Your call. If it helps you to demonstrate how your plan comes together, you can include them.

Key Dates

Competition Opens
Wednesday 1st February 2017

Closing Date
Friday 30th June 2017

Entries should be submitted via Dropbox – for access please contact

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